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Fakelore – Episode 14 – Harry Potter (Part 1)

harrypotter1Fakelore returns after a lengthy delay with our longest episode yet! That’s right, you’re getting a super-extended edition of one of our biggest undertakings to date as we try to figure out the folkloric origins of the Harry Potter franchise. But since there’s so much Harry Potter to look at, we’re breaking the topic into two parts. In this first episode of the Potter two-parter, we look at the depictions of wizards in Harry Potter, schools of magic, wands, brooms, and more! Click here to download the episode.

Fakelore – Episode 13 – Star Wars


It’s the most popular science-fiction franchise of all time, but what does Star Wars have to do with folklore? As it turns out, quite a bit! Join Caitlyn and Magill as they explore the folkloric origins of our favourite stories set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Click here to download the episode!

Fakelore – Episode 12 – Haunted Houses


Where we come from, ghosts are not to be taken lightly. Fakelore returns after a brief hiatus with the concluding episode of our trilogy of terrifying topics, as Caitlyn and Magill discuss haunted houses. Crimson Peak is just one of hundreds of haunted house stories in pop culture, but do these creepy tales have their origins in folklore? Find out by downloading this episode. And don’t forget to burn the bedding.


Fakelore – Episode 11 – Hocus Pocus


Halloween may be done, but that doesn’t mean that Fakelore has to stop talking about spooky subjects! On this episode, Magill and Caitlyn take a look at one of Caitlyn’s favourite childhood movies: Hocus Pocus! And while they’re at it, they ponder whether the trio of Salem witches seen in this nostalgic nineties movie have anything to do with the historic witches of Salem. I put a spell on you…so click here to download the episode!

Fakelore – Episode 10 – Nightmares


As Halloween creeps up on us, Magill and Caitlyn have decided to dedicate the next trilogy of episodes to scary topics, starting with a tribute to the late Wes Craven. On this show, they’ll be looking at one of the heavy-hitters of 80’s slasher horror: Freddy Krueger! Could the Christmas-sweater-wearing, wisecracking dream demon have his origins in folklore? Click here to find out!

Fakelore – Episode 9 – Burning Man


What would happen if all of the circuses in the world combined with the cast of Mad Max to throw a huge Mardi Gras party at a modern art museum? You’d get something a little like Burning Man, a truly unique festival that celebrates free thinking and creativity every year in the Nevada desert. But could Burning Man have its roots in folklore? That’s the question of the day on this episode of Fakelore as Caitlyn and Magill talk about Burning Man while Magill packs his bags. Click here to download the episode!

Fakelore – Episode 8 – Ant-Man


Big things come in small packages! With Ant-Man in theatres, Magill and Caitlyn are dedicating this episode of Fakelore to tiny people and people who shrink. What is it that fascinates us so much about things scaled down to a miniature size? What does the story of Thumbelina have to do with female sexuality? Click here to download the episode and find out.

Fakelore – Episode 7 – Mysterious Islands


Did you just wash up on the shores of an island populated by dinosaurs? How about giant black rabbits? If so, then you might be the hero of one of the myths, legends, folktales, TV shows or movies discussed on this episode of Fakelore! The topic this time: mysterious islands, in honour of Jurassic World’s massive success. Click here to download the episode!

Fakelore – Episode 6 – Mazes and Labyrinths


You remind me of the babe! Labyrinth may be a favourite movie of ours, but it’s not the core focus of this episode of Fakelore, as Magill and Caitlyn discuss the possible folkloric origins of The Maze Runner. Are mazes and labyrinths the same thing? You can find out by clicking here to download the episode! And be sure to stick around for the afterparty at the Crocodilopolis.