Monthly Archives: June 2015

Fakelore – Episode 7 – Mysterious Islands


Did you just wash up on the shores of an island populated by dinosaurs? How about giant black rabbits? If so, then you might be the hero of one of the myths, legends, folktales, TV shows or movies discussed on this episode of Fakelore! The topic this time: mysterious islands, in honour of Jurassic World’s massive success. Click here to download the episode!

Fakelore – Episode 6 – Mazes and Labyrinths


You remind me of the babe! Labyrinth may be a favourite movie of ours, but it’s not the core focus of this episode of Fakelore, as Magill and Caitlyn discuss the possible folkloric origins of The Maze Runner. Are mazes and labyrinths the same thing? You can find out by clicking here to download the episode! And be sure to stick around for the afterparty at the Crocodilopolis.