Monthly Archives: May 2015

Fakelore – Episode 5 – Feral Kids


Fakelore returns with a new episode in honour of the Mad Max franchise. Not Mad Max: Fury Road, though – Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome! Since Caitlyn absolutely adores the oasis-dwelling tribe of children from that film, we’re tackling the topic of feral kids. Did George Miller draw upon folklore when he wrote Beyond Thunderdome? Two opinions enter, one opinion leaves! Click here to download.

Fakelore – Episode 4 – Ultron


Could something as modern as a sinister artificial intelligence in a robot body have its origins in folklore? On this episode, Caitlyn and Magill talk about the villain of Avengers: Age of Ultron to try and deduce whether his creators were thinking about folklore when they imagined him. Caitlyn also talks about a very unusual phase in her teenage years. Click here to download the episode!