Fakelore – Episode 3 – Captain America


He’s a military experiment, he’s the leader of the Avengers, but could Captain America have his origins in folklore? Find out on this episode of Fakelore as Caitlyn and Magill take a look at the only member of the Avengers who represents an entire country. Click here to download the episode!

3 thoughts on “Fakelore – Episode 3 – Captain America

  1. Mike Poteet (@Bibliomike)

    Just listened to your podcast for the first time and really enjoyed it! This was a fun discussion.

    The version of Thor we’re currently getting in the MCU is pretty much the Norse god, as you point out; but the Silver Age iteration of the character was mere mortal Donald Blake, who “became” Thor when needed, kind of like Billy Batson can become Captain Marvel by saying “Shazam!”. (I think Blake was lame the rest of the time?) There’s probably an interesting archetypal theme you could explore there.

    1. Gill Post author

      Maybe in the future we can dedicate an episode to superheroes who start as mortals but gain their powers when they’re needed. Thanks for listening!

  2. Dia

    Fokelore was a big part of the Thor comics — not just the Norse gods, but Malekith led the Wild Hunt of the Faeries and was in fact defeated by iron (to be precise, Thor ripped off part of the GWB and Malekith’s demon hounds were overcome by the iron in the girder).

    alas Disney-owned movie Marvel appears anxious to overlook the wealth of tradition on display in the comics…..


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